Stephen A. Smith Says "No Way In Hell" Kyrie Irving Goes To The Lakers

Stephen A. Smith Says "No Way In Hell" Kyrie Irving Goes To The Lakers


Ever since the Boston Celtics were ravaged from the playoffs by the Milwaukee Bucks, there has been a ton of discussion surrounding Kyrie Irving and where he will go during free agency. There have been a ton of rumors over the past few weeks, with some believing that he could join the Los Angeles Lakers and team up with LeBron James for the second time. Meanwhile, others have Irving going to the New York Knicks or the Brooklyn Nets.

Today, Stephen A. Smith went on his ESPN show First Take and completely shattered all of the rumors surrounding the Lakers. Smith explained that he received a text from sources close to Irving who say there is “no way in hell” that Kyrie would want to go to Los Angeles. In fact, Smith says that Irving is almost a lock to go to the Knicks as he would most likely be joining the team alongside Kevin Durant.

Smith also explained that if Kyrie were to join another team, they would want him to come alongside another superstar, which means the Knicks would only want him if KD were in the equation. This would be different if he went to the Lakers though as they already have LeBron James.

Where do you think Kyrie should go? Are the Knicks a good fit for the superstar point guard?