Stephen A. Smith Delivers Questionable Sixers Vs. Heat Hot Take

Stephen A. Smith Delivers Questionable Sixers Vs. Heat Hot Take


Stephen A. Smith has been one of the most controversial sports media personalities over the last few years and he is constantly providing us with some wild hot takes. Smith’s bread and butter is the NBA and at times, his opinions have hurt the feelings of coaches, general managers, coaches, and even executives. Regardless, Smith always tries to maintain his integrity and calls it as he sees it. Today, that’s exactly what he did while discussing the differences between the Miami Heat and the Philadelphia 76ers.

When asked who lead their team farther, Joel Embiid or Jimmy Butler, Smith surprisingly stated that he thinks Butler and the Heat are in the best position to win. As it stands the Heat and 76ers are 4th and 5th, respectively, in the Eastern Conference. The Sixers have had their fair share of struggles although their roster has much more proven talent than the Heat.

Fans were pretty surprised by Smith’s admission especially when you consider how much he loves the 76ers and the city of Philadelphia. Either way, Smith is putting all of his faith in Butler and the Heat. Stephen A. even said that if given the chance, he would bet money on Miami. Clearly, Smith knows something we don’t.

If the postseason were to start today, the Heat would play the Sixers. With this in mind, who do you think has the best chance at winning?