Steph Curry Shows Us How He Hasn’t Lost His Touch Amidst Injury

Steph Curry Shows Us How He Hasn’t Lost His Touch Amidst Injury


Steph Curry has consistently been one of the best players in the NBA over the last few seasons and he has three NBA championships to show for it. Unfortunately, Curry suffered a broken hand at the beginning of the season and he has been out of the Warriors lineup ever since. It remains to be seen when he’ll come back but fans are optimistic that it will be sooner than later. 

Curry has been working hard to rehab his hand and come back stronger than ever. Now, Curry is participating in non-contact drills at practice. As you would expect, shooting has been his number one priority and in the video below, Curry can be seen showing off his jumper. Curry makes shots with ease and looks as though he is ready for a mighty comeback.

If you’re a Warriors fan, this should be a wonderful sight to see. The team is currently last place in the entire Western Conference and they are one of the saddest watches on television. With Curry back in the lineup, they would certainly be a lot more entertaining. Not to mention, Draymond Green’s flawed play would be covered up quite nicely.

Curry is set to be evaluated at the end of the month. Once that happens, the Warriors will decide on when he’s ready for a comeback.