Soulja Boy Returns To Instagram With A New Look

Soulja Boy Returns To Instagram With A New Look


It’s been eight months since Soulja Boy has been on Instagram and now that he’s back he’s got an entirely different look. After being convicted of falsifying community service documentation and being released five months early from prison– Soulja Boy has been able to maintain his sobriety, found himself on the bill of a major headlining tour, and sparking a playful beef with YouTuber/vlogger Jake Paul. Now, that it’s almost been a year since he’s publicly showed his face, Soulja Boy upgraded his aesthetic drastically. 

Soulja Boy Returns To Instagram With A New Look

Marcus Ingram/Getty Images 

Soulja Boy’s self-imposed break from social media came when he realized he needed to make several severe life changes. One of which included kicking out multiple former crew members out his San Fernando Valley. HipHopDX got the opportunity to speak with Soulja Boy’s manager, Miami Mike, in a recent interview, where he spoke on his client’s recent cerebral development stating:

“He hasn’t had a break since he was 12 or 13. And he just turned … his birthday just came … and he hasn’t had a break in over 15 years. So that’s why I wasn’t sweating him. He’s been turning down shows these past couple months, and I said I’m going to let him take his break because he really needed it. People want to know why he isn’t on Instagram? Well, I say because he’s on a break. He needed it.”

Now, Big Draco is back sporting a full head of lengthy twist and glowing more than ever. While Soulja Boy is still struggling with some legal grievances, his maturation has been enjoyable for the culture to witness. With another Breakfast Club interview in the works in the near future, we’ll most likely be seeing a lot more of Soulja in the near future. 

Check out Soulja Boy’s new look in the Instagram post provided below.