Snoop Dogg Tells Deon Cole To "Deal With" Bell Bottoms Hate

Snoop Dogg Tells Deon Cole To "Deal With" Bell Bottoms Hate


Snoop Dogg took to the comments of comedian Deon Cole’s Instagram video detailing the upsetting comments he’s gotten about his outfit choice at the NAACP Image Awards on Saturday. The rapper reminded Deon that he is indeed a comedian, and that he should handle the criticism and threats about his bell bottoms in a different way.

 Snoop Dogg Tells Deon Cole To "Deal With" Bell Bottoms HateFrazer Harrison/Getty Images

Following his win at the ceremony for Outstanding Supporting actor in a comedy series for his role in Black-ish, Deon Cole’s positive memories of the event were tainted by the hate he received for wearing velvet, navy blue, bell bottom pants. The actor posted a screenshot of a DM he received about the outfit choice, in which a user called him a “gay ass n*gga.”

“Tomorrow Im going to do a post talking about this and the many many more derogatory messages and threats I’ve received about that gucci velvet bell bottom pants suit that I wore,” Deon wrote in caption of the post. “It’s sad that these messages come from my own kind but more about this tomorrow. #justakidfromthechi #gucci.” He came through on this promise, sharing a 15-minute video the following day in which he details the extent of the unkind responses he’s received, which include threats of violence.

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Snoop was not on board with how Deon chose to react to the whole ordeal, however. In the comments of the video, he wrote, “that outfit was [funny],” followed by some laughing emojis, “anyway u a comedian n*gga deal with it. And clap back.” Deon replied to the comment, saying, “shut yo ass up!!! Lol, it’s too much actual hate going on over dumb sh*t. I need people to gear their anger where it’s needed pimp. With yo Skinny ass! U look like a spoon. I’m going to start calling you Spoon Dogg.”

Deon went on to post another screenshot on Instagram, in which someone told him he was “a sick individual,” for wearing the bell bottoms. “I’m a sick individual for wearing bell bottoms pants???” Deon questioned. “I swear people, I’m not getting this s*** at all??? These MF’s r crazy! There’s so many of these comments, It’s insane. Again, over some pants? Lmfao, Wow.”