Snoop Dogg Beat Murder Case "24 Years Ago Today"

Snoop Dogg Beat Murder Case "24 Years Ago Today"


Snoop Dogg‘s life could’ve been a whole lot different 24 years ago if he had not been acquitted of murder charges. The rapper hit Instagram to reflect on the outcome of the trial of the 24th anniversary of his acquittal. Sharing a video from the day the verdict was announced, the rapper simply shared the caption “24 years ago today” along with a blue heart and prayer hand emojis. 

In the same year that he released the game-changing debut Doggystyle and days after the 1993 VMAs, the rapper turned himself in to authorities in connection to a murder of a rival gang member who was shot and killed. Snoop’s bodyguard was the one who fired the shot while Snoop Dogg sat in the passenger seat. Both of them were charged with first-degree murder but were later acquitted. It was determined that Snoop’s bodyguard was acting in self-defense.

“I left it in God’s hands,” Snoop said in an interview after he was found not guilty. “That’s why I looked so stoned face. I just — I didn’t have no expressions. It was all inner. I prayed on it. My family prayed on it.”

Snoop Dogg’s life would’ve been a whole lot different and we likely would only have one album to praise him for if the jury did find him guilty. Peep the throwback interview below.