Skip Bayless Blames LeBron James For Not Letting Kyle Kuzma Fit In

Skip Bayless Blames LeBron James For Not Letting Kyle Kuzma Fit In


LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and the Los Angeles Lakers currently boast the best record in the Western Conference as they sit at 37-11. The Lakers are frontrunners to win the championship this year although some people are of the belief that the team needs another piece if they want to win the championship. Some think Kyle Kuzma is that piece while others think he should be traded for someone with more experience.

Skip Bayless of Undisputed believes Kuzma is exactly what the Lakers need but the team isn’t letting him succeed. In fact, Bayless thinks LeBron and AD won’t let him into their little clique and are ultimately going to drive him out of the Staples Center at the trade deadline.

“Kyle Kuzma is the closer for this team but they won’t allow him to be,” Bayless said. “LeBron and AD do not click with Kuzma because he’s not in their clique, he’s not part of that group. But as great as they are, it’s not in AD/LeBron’s genetics to close games.”

Kuzma has been a part of numerous trade rumors over the last few weeks and it remains to be seen whether or not a deal becomes a reality. The Lakers fought hard to keep Kuzma last year when dealing for AD but now, it seems like they aren’t so set on keeping him in their system.

Stay tuned for updates regarding the trade deadline and be sure to let us know what you think about Skip’s latest take.