Shemar Moore Responds To Fan Calling Him Gay, Says He Would Turn Her Out

Shemar Moore Responds To Fan Calling Him Gay, Says He Would Turn Her Out


A shirtless Shemar Moore isn’t hard to find as he’s often topless in music videos, television shows, movies, or social media. His physique has been a talking point throughout his career, but so have rumors about the actor’s sexuality. For years people have stated that Moore is gay, and no matter how many times he flatly denies the accusations, the public doesn’t seem to let up and let the man live.

Case in point, earlier today Moore shared an image of his bare chest while writing that he’s working on getting back into tip-top shape. He used the opportunity to motivate others who may be struggling with adhering to similar weight loss goals. “It’s Fridaaaaaaaaaaay!!!! THIS IS NOT A GAME!!!!!! I (am 49) and am getting my 33 year old body BACK,” Moore wrote. “By busting my whole entire ass in the gym, lifting weights, running, stairs, hiking, cycling, boxing, swimming, massages, dieting, SLEEPING!!!! Just gotta ask yourself in life, no matter what or who it is…. ‘HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT… or…. ‘HER’…… hmmmmm ????!…… if you TRULY BELIEVE IN YOU then SHUT YO MOUTH n GO GET IT DONE!!!!!!! It’s gonna HURT and it can get OVERWHELMING and LONELY, at times feel impossible…. so what??!!! STOP making excuses n JUST GET IT DONE!!!!!”

Instead of just thanking him for the social media pep talk and being on her way, a woman slid in his comments to let him know that he doesn’t have to keep acting as if he’s interested in women. “Seriously, stop trying so hard. IT’S OK THAT YOU’RE GAY! We still love you!” she wrote. Moore could have ignored her comment but instead, he let her know that he’s ready and willing to show just how heterosexual he is.

“Introduce me to your man so I can turn him DOWN and YOU…OUT!!!” he replied. “Keep playing with me…I’m READY!!!!” Within minutes there were plenty of responses from those who were ready and willing to volunteer as tribute. The commenter, however, decided not to respond and take him up on his offer.