Sheck Wes Recalls When Klay Thompson Dissed Him As A Young Lad

Sheck Wes Recalls When Klay Thompson Dissed Him As A Young Lad


Sheck Wes blew up in 2018 thanks to his smash hit “Mo Bamba.” Later that year, Sheck Wes came through with his very first album called Mudboy and was even featured on Travis Scott‘s Astroworld. While he may not be the biggest artist in the game right now, he’s pretty recognizable. Of course, this wasn’t always the case. While growing up in New York, Sheck had to overcome his fair share of disrespect which at times, came from notable NBA players.

Yesterday, Sheck hopped on Twitter where he shared a peculiar story with his fans. As he explains, Sheck was in New York City for All-Star weekend one year and asked Golden State Warriors star, Klay Thompson, for an autograph. Thompson ended up pushing Sheck to the side which led to the artist’s lifelong hatred for the Warriors champion. 

The “Mindfucker” rapper went on to say that the experience made him want to take photos with every single fan who asks. Clearly, the hurt he felt at the hands of Klay Thompson has made him a better human. 

Athletes snubbing eager fans is nothing new so we’re not exactly surprised by Sheck Wes’ admission. Regardless, it must have felt pretty horrible in the moment.