Shannon Sharpe Offers Harsh Assessment Of Tom Brady: Watch

Shannon Sharpe Offers Harsh Assessment Of Tom Brady: Watch


Shannon Sharpe used to play in the NFL which makes him particularly well-equipped to talk about other players and whether or not they have what it takes to still play at a high level. Sharpe currently cohosts FS1’s Undisputed alongside Skip Bayless and the former Denver Bronco has been known to bring some hot takes to the table. On Friday, that’s exactly what he did while talking about Tom Brady. The QB will be a free agent this season and has a big decision to make in regards to where he goes next.

As Sharpe explains in the clip below, he believes Brady has actually hit the end of the road and that he barely has what it takes to be a sustainable quarterback. In fact, Sharpe would take Brees over Brady right now. Of course, Sharpe admits that Brady was better in his prime but as it stands, Brees is more serviceable.

“Moving forward, Drew Brees is a better, more valuable (quarterback)… because I believe he has more in the tank,” Sharpe said. “Tom Brady is on fumes. If I’m him, the next gas station, I’m not passing it. I’m going to fill up, because sometimes you’re like, ‘No, I can get something cheaper down the road.’ Don’t you pass that gas station, Tom, because it’s almost over.”

Sharpe’s comments come off as pretty harsh but he definitely makes an interesting point. Say what you will about Brady’s weapons last year, he simply wasn’t playing at a high enough level for the Patriots to go far. With this in mind, Brady could find this upcoming season to be quite difficult.