Serial Parking Lot Pooper Arrested In Massachusetts

Serial Parking Lot Pooper Arrested In Massachusetts


We all have our little quirks – one woman in Massachusetts’ is that she poops in parking lots. But not just any parking lot is suitable for this practice. Andrea Grocer prefers to unload in a particular lot outside of a sporting goods store in Natick. 

At around 7 AM on Wednesday morning (Jan. 22), the 51-year-old woman was caught by police as she was preparing to do her business. According to TMZ, Grocer made a habit of defecating in this location and got away with it for some time. The sporting good store’s owner repeatedly found feces in the lot and enlisted police to start investigating the bizarre pattern in December. They initially suspected that an animal was responsible for the droppings, but the discovery of toilet paper and wipes in the area later ruled out that possibility. This was a planned operation.

Grocer was spotted doing her dirty act on security cameras, but cops struggled to read her license plate in the footage so, at first, she managed to slide by unidentified. The cops only succeeded in catching her once they started surveilling the area more diligently. After finally catching the public pooper, she was charged with 8 counts of wanton destruction of property.