Scrapp DeLeon Talks Non-Relationship With Moniece Slaughter & Praises Tommie Lee

Scrapp DeLeon Talks Non-Relationship With Moniece Slaughter & Praises Tommie Lee


VH1 viewers are currently watching Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Mona Scott-Young and friends document Scrapp Deleon’s release from prison and acclimation back into society. However, fans were thrown a curve ball when they saw Tommie Lee’s ex-boyfriend cuffed up with L&HHATL newcomer Moneice Slaughter, someone who has previously been linked to Rich Dollaz from Love & Hip Hop New York, AD Diggs from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, and, of course, the father of her son Lil Fizz from B2K and Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.

Scrapp spent his Easter weekend partnering with T.I. to post bail for 23 non-violent offenders, but he took some time out to chat with the Domenick Nati Show about his ties to Moniece and Tommie. When asked about the seriousness of his relationship with Moniece, Scrapp said they’re just friends who were enjoying some benefits.

“Me and Moniece are really good friends. We’re really good friends at this current moment. I don’t think I’m gonna be proposing to anyone anytime soon. I mean, I would love to get married. It’s definitely on my bucket list as something I wanna do and I look forward to doing. It’s just I don’t see it as being next month or next week…We were never in a committed…relationship. We had an understanding. I like you, you like me, we did things that couples do, you know. You know how it goes, Domenick. Don’t act like you don’t know,” he said while laughing.

When it came to Tommie and her recent child abuse charges that could put her away for 50 years, Scrapp said he never witnessed his ex lay a hand on her children. “What’s actually crazy is that when I heard about those charges, I was completely shocked because me and Tommie were together at one point. I’ve never even seen Tommie whoop her children. The most she may do is threaten to whoop ’em or just holler at them, but Tommie takes really good care of her kids. They love her to death. She actually spoils them. I think Tommie’s a really good mom. When I heard those charges I was like, ‘Nah, not Tommie’.”

“I’ve never seen any signs of that,” he continued. “To be honest, I actually just wrote a character letter for her and just sent it to her lawyer just yesterday. Just speaking highly about her and the person that I know she is and things of that nature. I don’t want her to get convicted. I don’t think she’s gonna get convicted. I’m rooting for the win for her.

Check out Scrapp’s entire interview, including what he had to say about Kodak Black talking recklessly, below.