Scott Storch & Amber Rose Secure A Big Ol’ Bag

Scott Storch & Amber Rose Secure A Big Ol’ Bag


Throughout their respective careers, both Scott Storch and Amber Rosehave secured their fair share of bags. Yet never quite like this, never quite so scented. Those steadily watching from afar have seen Storch mount a comeback of the century, juggling his resurgent producing career and laying down a foothold in the marijuana industry. Sometimes the two go hand in hand; Storch is seldom seen behind the keys without a blunt on his lips. And now, we have a better understanding as to why.

Scott Storch & Amber Rose Secure A Big Ol' Bag

 gotpap/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Storch recently took to Instagram to reveal the mother of all bags, the end-all bag-all, a bag of weed so vast it would leave an entire small country high for a week. Or perhaps a rapper’s tour bus. Storch seems enamored by the contents, sticking his head inside and inhaling an odor so pungent you can likely smell if from here. Amber Rose seems equally impressed, posing as one pose might beside a particularly impressive and/or intuitive child. Suffice it to say, the bag has been secured.

In spirit with his hip-hop roots, Storch captioned the picture with a clutch reference to one of rap’s oft-pondered questions: “What you got in that bag?” Originally pondered by storied philosopher Ludacris in the book of Word Of Mouf circa 2002, it would appear we finally have the answer at long last. Expect Storch’s phone to be ringing off the chain in the coming days, with the “hey Scott, it’s been a while” coming on strong.