Schoolboy Q Asserts That "Druggs Wit H*es Pt. 3" Will Never Be Released

Schoolboy Q Asserts That "Druggs Wit H*es Pt. 3" Will Never Be Released


When Schoolboy Q and Ab-Soul first stepped onto the scene, they became largely associated with druggy raps. Their mentioning of hard substances in their songs set them apart from fellow TDE artists, Kendrick Lamar and Jay Rock. Schoolboy and Soul collaborated on two highly-admired debauchery anthems, “Druggys wit Hoes” and its sequel, “Druggys wit Hoes Again.” The first installment was featured on Schoolboy’s debut album, Setbacks, and the second on his sophomore effort, Habits & Contradictions

At the Los Angeles show for the Oxymoron tour in 2014, Schoolboy brought Soulo on stage to premiere “Druggys wit Hoes Pt. 3.” It resembled “Druggys wit Hoes Again” with its chaotic and dizzying feel. But even then, Schoolboy was starting to feel detached from the narcotic-filled lifestyle that the songs chronicled. Before performing “Pt. 3”, Schoolboy warned the crowd, “I don’t think we are ever going to drop it.”

It has now been five years since that show and fans are still hoping that the official version of the song might surface. Last night, Schoolboy was answering fans’ questions on Twitter and someone naively asked if the song would ever dropped. “I don’t do drug nomo dawg lol it’s neva Happening,” the CrasH Talk rapper reiterated.

Everyone should be happy that Schoolboy Q is sober now and stop pushing for him to revert to a past that he’s been distancing himself from for years.