Sammy Wilk Calls Out Fame’s Fleeting Nature in Poignant ‘Life Off’ Exclusive

Sammy Wilk Calls Out Fame’s Fleeting Nature in Poignant ‘Life Off’ Exclusive


Sammy Wilk premiered the video for his new single “Life Off” on Friday (April 26), exclusively with Streets Talkin.

In the clip, the Vine-star-turned-genre-blurring-singer exposes the pitfalls of fame by throwing a wild house party in the Hollywood Hills complete with rented furniture and dozens of faceless friends who conveniently disappear once the fun is over.

"I wrote 'Life Off' about all of the different things that come with success,” Wilk tells Streets Talkin. “There's a lot of subject matter that only talks about things like money, girls, cars, etc, but who’s going to love you when the money is not there anymore? You hear it time and time again that money doesn’t create happiness, it starts from within yourself."

“Who gon’ love you when this money’s not around?/ Who gon’ love us when this money’s not around?/ Who’s gonna hold us down?” the singer questions on the track’s fading chorus as he wanders through the party’s wreckage while a crew of men dismount TVs from the wall and raid the home of its lavish material goods. Ultimately, the only people left with Wilk are his true friends, who gather around the fire pit in its closing moments as the video shifts affectingly from black and white to color.

As his first release since signing to The KSR Group — the same label and production company credited with putting Cardi B on the pop cultural map — “Lift Off” marks the beginning of a fresh chapter in Wilk’s artistic journey, with more material coming later this year. Get a first look at the video below.