Sage Northcutt Undergoes 9-Hour Surgery After "29-Second KO" In ONE Debut

Sage Northcutt Undergoes 9-Hour Surgery After "29-Second KO" In ONE Debut


A great big deal was made about Sage Northcutt’s “All-American” debut in Asia’s reigning MMA promotion, the ONE Championship. Unfortunately, things haven’t gone to plan for the precocious American. Just a few days ago, Sage Northcutt suffered the same fate as his American predecessors on previous cards: the Pan-Asian talent amassed by the ONE Championship is not to be taken lightly.

Former UFC Champ Eddie Alvarez took an L in his One debut, at the hands of an unranked fighter no less. Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson came away a winner on the same fight card (Tokyo), but not with the effortless stride he’s been known to possess in year’s past. You might say, Japanese Yuya Wakamatsu took him to the brink and back, unlike any of his last 5 competitors in the UFC.

Which leads us to our next talking point: Sage’s regrettable KO-loss in his debut over a month later, and the ensuing need for surgery to repair his All-American good looks, the major selling point he’s relied upon thus far in his rapid development as a fighter.

It would be unjust to focus merely on Northcutt’s loss and not the incredible striking acumen Cosmo Alexandre displayed in the bout. The Brazilian fighter is a decorated kickboxer in his own right, having enjoyed success in every MMA or kickboxing promotion he’s been employed under. That said, a win over the untested Sage Northcutt does little for his career with respect to the Pan-Asian fight community.

As for Northcutt, all signs point to him making full recovery from the orbital smash to his face. “Fresh out of surgery … I had 8 fractures and a nine hour intense operation,” he announced Instagram to a hero’s welcome. “Feeling blessed for the amazing care and all the support from ONE championship, my family/friends and fans!” 9-hour surgery for 29-seconds of ring-work. I’ll take my chances on the outside, looking in.