Ryan Clark Prefers Fighting Antonio Brown In Real Life, Not Online

Ryan Clark Prefers Fighting Antonio Brown In Real Life, Not Online


Antonio Brown has been throwing shots at pretty well everybody on Twitter and his former Pittsburgh Steelers teammates have suffered the vast majority of his many tantrums. Yesterday, Brown decided to go and reignite his beef with former teammate turned analyst Ryan Clark. Brown hasn’t enjoyed how Clark has been talking about him and decided to lash out, saying that the next time they see each other, things could potentially get a little violent.

“Bro stop mentioning my name I know it get u clout keep that same analysis energy next time we meet it’s on site ain’t gone spare u,” Brown wrote.

Clark was quick to come back at Brown saying “Was never looking to be spared and you know that!!! Look forward to it. I ain’t hard to find. Shoot, you have a jet!!”

Today, Clark appeared on ESPN’s First Take where he spoke about the beef with Brown. Clark gave a levelheaded response to it all saying that he would have rathered their confrontation happen in person than online. As he explains, Clark has no problem running a fade if that’s what needs to happen, although he didn’t appreciate Brown for making it everybody’s business. Considering yesterday was the NFL Draft, Clark felt like Brown was taking the shine away from an otherwise positive event.

You can see the entire clip from First Take below.