Russell Westbrook & Paul George Reunite During Preseason, Fans React

Russell Westbrook & Paul George Reunite During Preseason, Fans React


Russell Westbrook and Paul George were the best of friends on the Oklahoma City Thunder and two seasons ago, it seemed like they would be together for a long time. George signed a longterm deal with the team while Russ continued to pledge his allegiance to the city. Unfortunately for Thunder fans, all of those promises were thrown out the window when George was traded to the Los Angeles Clippers. The MVP candidate wanted to play with the likes of Kawhi Leonard and Westbrook was left all alone in OKC.

It wasn’t long before Westbrook got traded out of OKC and joined the mighty Houston Rockets. Interestingly enough, the two teams met each other in preseason last night with the Rockets coming away victorious. George and Westbrook didn’t play although they got to meet up with each other prior to tip-off.

Their little meeting seemed to be pleasant as the two dapped each other up and exchanged some words. The two were laughing and there appears to be no hard feelings between the two. Fans in the comments didn’t seem to agree though as they believe there might be some underlying tension that neither wants to admit publically.

At the end of the day, George broke up a pretty good team and considering Westbrook’s competitive spirit, it’s hard to just be okay with that.