Ruby Rose Suits Up As CW’s "Batwoman" In New Trailer

Ruby Rose Suits Up As CW’s "Batwoman" In New Trailer


The latest entry in The CW’s Arrowverse is coming later this fall: Batwoman. The show will star Orange Is The New Black actress, Ruby Rose, as Bruce Wayne’s cousin, Kate Kane – DC’s flagship LGBTQ character. Batwoman made her debut in an Arrowverse crossover last year. The CW has been crossing these shows over regularly with big, multi-episode events, and last December, it used its “Elseworlds” crossover to introduce Kane and her alter ego, which brought together characters from The FlashArrow, and Supergirl.

This particular rendition, hailing from the original Batman, follows Kate Kane – her cousin, Bruce Wayne, happens to be missing in the show’s plot – as she leaves Gotham City amidst a new crime wave. The plot has Kane’s father, Jacob Kane, stepping in with his private security firm, Crows Private Security, to send his daughter away from the chaos swallowing up the city, and to safety. Kate returns home only to find that her girlfriend, Crow security officer Sophie Moore, has been captured by a gang, and she takes up the responsibility left behind by Batman with his disappearance.

The show promises a powerful delivery of a diversified take on the original Batman, with a woman taking the lead this time. A scene in the trailer has a side character remark that the Batsuit is “literal perfection,” with Rose replying, “It will be when it fits a woman.” 

The trailer follows – what seems to be – a formula that The CW has set up and used with a bunch of its DC adaptations: a leading hero steps up to the plate to battle crime, supported by a small and practical team of friends and allies. The network officially greenlit the series earlier this month, announcing that it’ll air alongside Supergirl on Sunday nights later this fall.