Rolling Loud Founder Dispels Reports Of Active Shooter

Rolling Loud Founder Dispels Reports Of Active Shooter


We’re in an unfortunate era where people can’t even go to a festival and enjoy music without fear of being harmed. Last night, reports surfaced that there was an active shooter at Rolling Loud Miami where artists like Migos, Lil Uzi Vert, Young Thug, and more are set to perform. Social media erupted in conversation about the potential shooter that was on the festival grounds. With day two of Rolling Loud already started, the co-founder of the festival dispelled reports and assured fans that it was a false alarm.

Tariq Cherif issued a statement earlier today about the reports of a shooter at Rolling Loud last night. Cherif explained that it was simply a rumor that was stirred up among a large group of festival goers that eventually spread across the internet.

“Shortly after 11 p.m. on Friday night, there was a disturbance that led a large group of fans to believe there was an active shooter within the festival grounds,” he wrote. “The commotion resulted in these fans running out of the venue, some of whom were injured and/or scared in the process. Security and public authorities immediately sprung into action, established it was a false alarm and there was not an active shooter in the festival, and diffused the situation.”

Tariq assured that there are hundreds of police officers and security guards to make sure festival-goers are safe. Rolling Loud continues today with performances from Lil Wayne, Travis Scott, and more.