Rick Ross' Baby Mama Exposes Private E-Mails With Child Support Receipts

Rick Ross' Baby Mama Exposes Private E-Mails With Child Support Receipts


Rick Ross and Tia Kemp have had a contemptuous relationship for as long as we can remember. For nearly a year, Rozay’s baby mama has been dragging him all over social media, exposing the flaws in their financial agreements and claiming him to be a deadbeat father. Ross hasn’t taken any this in stride either as he’s responded to his fair share the drama. Despite his scary health issues earlier this year, Tia Kemp was back to spilling the tea almost immediately after Ross made his first public appearance since his return from the hospital. After putting the man on blast yesterday, Kemp took things a step further, releasing private e-mails to The Bawse’s team requesting child support money after allegedly missing a payment.

Perhaps Ross wasn’t fond the child support agreement that the two reportedly reached late last month since he seems to have already come short on the payment. While we’ve only really seen one side the story and can’t fairly judge what’s exactly happening, Kemp has been incessant in her pleas to get the money she needs to raise Ross’ child. After some assumed back-and-forth when the e-mail was exposed on social media, letting his team know they were late, Kemp shared an image to her Instagram stating that she had gotten her bag and was good for the next month. 

With this seemingly resolved for the month July, we’ll wait and see if this happens again next month.