Ric Flair Hypes Up Lakers Fans With Electric LeBron James Intro

Ric Flair Hypes Up Lakers Fans With Electric LeBron James Intro


Ric Flair was one of the most entertaining wrestlers of his generation and to this day, he is still electric whenever he gives a speech. His signature “woo” catchphrase continues to be his defining trait and no matter how old he gets, fans still love it. Yesterday, Flair turned 71 years old and he celebrated his birthday in style by attending the Los Angeles Lakers game against the New Orleans Pelicans. In fact, before the game, Flair got to do the player introductions, which were scintillating, to say the least.

In the clip below, Flair can be seen introducing LeBron James and yelling “woo” much to the delight of the Lakers crowd. While the players seemed to be pretty indifferent, at least one was excited by Flair’s presence. Of course, we’re talking about Kentavious Caldwell-Pope who could be seen yelling “woo” in the background.

Flair was treated to a pretty phenomenal game as LeBron James scored 40 points in a 118-109 win. Meanwhile, rookie Zion Williamson of the Pelicans scored 29 of his own. Overall, it was one of the most compelling games of the year and with the playoffs on the horizon, the Lakers continue to look like real contenders.

Perhaps we will see Flair at even more Lakers games in the future, especially if they go deep in the postseason.