Ray J Talks Daddy Duty On The Breakfast Club While Donning His Hat Like A Kufi

Ray J Talks Daddy Duty On The Breakfast Club While Donning His Hat Like A Kufi


Ray J was The Breakfast Club’s first ever guest some 8 years ago. DJ Envy described the event as a turning point that launched their brand nationwide. This time around, Ray J is not out gallivanting like he once was. Gone are the days where Ray J would consort with “booty goons” as Angela Yee once so aptly described. But more than anything else, his reappearance is spurred not by fate or new music. It’s his wandering hat, not his eye, making him relevant once again.

During the segment, Ray J plugged his line hats, a collection he believes “went somewhere where other hats never went.” The singer/entrepreneur says he was simply rubbing his scalp, or “massaging his mind,” as he puts it. The stress spot on his scalp, more vexing than usual, kept him on task as he derided Safaree Samuels for his lecherous behavior.

Ray J also reflected on the conflict being waged between Moniece & and his wife Princess Love on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. He recounted how scared and helpless he felt when Moniece started wielding ad-hoc weapon against his wife. The topic soon changed for the better; the hosts were more than happy to let Ray J gloat about his one-month old daughter, who as legend has it, can say “I love you” in the earliest stage her development.

The infant and Princess Love later joined their man on set for the bottom half, but not before Ray J was afforded the chance to relive a few his past conquests. “His approach with women” withstanding, Ray J is more or less a grown up now. The playfulness in his character will likely never go away.