Queen Key & Dreezy Bring Chicago Rap Energy On "Ha"

Queen Key & Dreezy Bring Chicago Rap Energy On "Ha"


The collaboration comes f Key’s new project “Eat My Pussy.”

Dreezy hasn’t dropped a project since 2016’s No Hard Feelings, one the strongest rap debuts in recent memory, and her intermittent appearances since promise that whatever she has next will be just as special. “Ha” is a particularly thrilling moment, not only because the pummelling bass the track is a perfect match for Dreezy’s pointed delivery, but also because it’s leading artist, Queen Key, whose new project Eat My Pussy is a strong introduction to yet another Chicago talent. Together, they bring some the slickest shit-talking imaginable, as they dismiss broke dudes, spend big money, and — by the nature the album title — demand oral sex. There isn’t a song on the tape that won’t rattle your car with its sub-bass, and it’s largely Chicagoan features are a great match for Key across the board. Still, “Ha” stands out as a very unique chemistry between like-minded artists.

Listen to Queen Key’s Eat My Pussy, featuring King Louie, Tink, and Cuban Doll, here.

Quotable Lyrics:
Dreezy and Queen
We the regime
You wanna play?
Put that bitch on a team
Bitches want beef
We gon’ make that hoe lean
My VVS wet
Got on Louis Supreme
I’m booked and tooken
Go flex, I see you lookin’
If he slang it like a rookie
Tell that n***a
Eat my pussy