Quando Rondo Jumps Into Crowd After Being Hit By A Bottle

Quando Rondo Jumps Into Crowd After Being Hit By A Bottle


A Quando Rondo concert in Norfolk, VA ended abruptly when the “Safest” rapper was struck with a water bottle and he jumped into the crowd to address his attacker. Earlier this year, the Savannah, GA-bred artist released his debut studio album, QPac (2020), which peaked at the 22nd slot on the Billboard Hot 200 Albums chart. With a successful album under his belt, the 20-year-old emcee is officially on tour and enjoying every minute of it. Except for his Saturday (Feb. 15) night performance when he was hit in the face with a bottle while performing at Dolce Luxury Lounge. 

In the video, a shirtless Quando Rondo is seen on stage when he is unexpectedly smacked with an open water bottle in the face. Rondo, born Tyquian Terrel Bowman, then questions the crowd stating, “Who the f*ck did that? Hey, on 6-0, who did that? Go get the rod.” After questioning the concert-goers and not receiving an answer, the “Motivation” rapper hopped off stage in pursuit of the person who hit him with the bottle before the video comes to an end.   

After the show, Quando Rondo took to his Instagram account to call out his assailant, saying:

“I put this on 6-0, y’all bitch ass niggas knew not to come outside. On God, I was gon’ sling that iron at y’all niggas’ ass, on hood… On my mama, whoever threw that water at me, I put this on gang, this on everything I love. If y’all niggas woulda came outside ya’ll ass woulda got stepped on.”

The following day (Feb. 16), Quando Rondo took to his IG Story again in a much calmer fashion, blowing the incident off and showing off a stack money saying:

“On hood, that sh*t ain’t even that serious, man. Y’all talking about a water bottle. Y’all niggas p*ssies. Pinker than these 50s.” 

With the incident now behind him and continuing his current tour, Quando Rondo has the opportunity to become a standout act of this new generation of hip-hop artists if he remains consistent. Check out the clip of him blowing off the situation in the video provided below and check out our interview with the rapper, here