Purple Nails, Friendships, and Mental Health: the Message Behind Bad Bunny's 'Estamos Bien' Video

Purple Nails, Friendships, and Mental Health: the Message Behind Bad Bunny's 'Estamos Bien' Video


Bad Bunny is off to a great week, as he debuts at No. 9 on the Hot Latin Songs chart (dated July 14) with his recent single “Estamos Bien” (We're Fine). This is also his eight top 10, so more reason to celebrate. If you've yet to listen to the song, know that because of its Caribbean and positive vibes, the single can easily become your summer anthem. 

The 24-year-old Latin trap artist surprised his fans when he dropped the music video, which currently amasses over 51 million views, on June 28. Compared to his other videos, such as “Soy Peor” and “Chambea,” Bad Bunny decided to opt for a homemade production that he self-directed with the collaboration of Tainy and Young Paci.

In the clip, the Puerto Rican singer is seen taking bathroom selfies with an old video camera, painting his nails purple, packing his swimwear, picking up some friends, road tripping in La Isla del Encanto, and hanging out with locals and tourists at the beach. At first glance it's tropical, it's fun, it's vibrant, and it's a major throwback to the '90s but there's an important message behind “Estamos Bien” that you might have missed. 

On Instagram, Bad Bunny opened up about his problems with mental health and how it's tied to his most recent hit. 

“Many times we're sad and we don't know why and it's simply because we forget about the simple things in life,” he expressed in a June 28 post. ”I'm human just like you! And even though I've done many big things there are smaller ones that I have yet to achieve. And it's those smaller things that give happiness,” he continued.

With that said, El Conejo Malo presented “Estamos Bien,” a video that was filmed with the life lesson that it's the simple things in life that fulfill your soul. Watch the video below: