Prince’s Estate & Music Catalogue Reaches $200 Million Value: Report

Prince’s Estate & Music Catalogue Reaches $200 Million Value: Report


The ongoing legal proceedings regarding the estate of late music legend Prince has seen a handful of unfortunate circumstances, including a lien issued by a lawyer for the amount of $1 million for unpaid legal fees he said is owed to him by Prince’s late brother Alfred Jackson. That situation actually led to a reported number being put on the value of the whole estate, which now is set at $200 million.

Prince's Estate & Music Catalogue Reaches $200 Million Value: Report
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The Blast is reporting to have obtained documents from the legal battle relating to Alfred’s portion of the fortune that was left to him after Prince died back on April 21, 2016. Jackson was one of six heirs set to divide Prince’s massive fortune that he made for himself over the span of his trail-blazing career. Unfortunately, Alfred himself died at his home in Missouri on August 28, 2019 before the ongoing estate proceedings were officially settled, and now it looks like things just got even more confusing. 

Here’s what The Blast is saying on how things are being handled now:

“After Prince’s death on April 21, 2016, it was determined that Alred [sic] had 1/6 expectancy interest in the entire Prince Estate, which has a potential gross value of $200,000,000,” the documents reveal.

At the time of Alfred’s death, his brother Shawn Jackson filed documents in Missouri challenging a will that was filed on behalf of Alfred’s business advisors.

In the purported will, Alfred’s share of the Prince fortune, approximately $33 Million, would go to his business advisor and his team who helped set up the sale of his stake in the estate to a corporation. As we reported, Prince’s sister also sold her stake of the fortune.

Alfred’s brother, Shawn, is challenging the will and a battle is now raging in Missouri over who will be the administrator of Alfred’s estate.”

It appears that Shawn’s rebuttal is influenced by the fact that Alfred wasn’t in the proper mental state to make decisions of that magnitude at the time, especially being that he reportedly suffered from Parkinson’s disease and took “psychiatric drugs” like Haloperidol for the illness. 

We’re praying that for sake of Prince’s legacy and rightfully-earned fortune, all of this can be settled in the least problematic way possible. We believe The Purple One would’ve wanted it that way. Take a look back on this classic record by Prince, who happens to be Google’s most-searched guitar solo king: