President Trump’s Account ‘Likes’ Tweet About Rihanna Interview

President Trump’s Account ‘Likes’ Tweet About Rihanna Interview


It’s his first ‘like’ on the platform since 2017.

Writer Heben Nigatu took to Twitter on Monday (June 10) to share an excerpt that resonated with her from Rihanna's recent Interview Magazine feature. President Trump then "liked" the tweet.

In the conversation conducted by actress Sarah Paulson, RiRi went on to talk about self care and how she tries to balance work and life, which Nigatu then praised. "Every new Rihanna interview makes me grow stronger. We stan a work/life balance queen!!!" Nigatu said.

According to bots that track Trump's tweets, follows, and likes, his account liked the tweet around 12:40 a.m. EST. He has only liked eight tweets on his account, the last one being in 2017. There are also several staffers that post on Trump's behalf, so it is unclear if it was actually the President himself who liked the tweet.

Nigatu responded to the news saying, "What is happening."

Streets Talkin has reached out to Rihanna's representative for comment.

See Nigatu's original tweet, along with her reaction to the news, below.