"Power" Season 5 Episode 2 Recap: Mourning & Mistakes

"Power" Season 5 Episode 2 Recap: Mourning & Mistakes


This week’s episode Power was a potent reminder for all the key players on how little power they really have. Tasha and Ghost mourn in their own separate ways. Tommy digs himself into two holes at once. Dre is caught between being sexually harassed by his boss and implicated in a murder. The closer Angela gets to the Jimenez, the more she ties herself up with Ghost again. The only person who seems like they have a handle on the situation is Councilman Tate.

“Damage Control” begins with the Serbs in Los Angeles being gunned down at a port by members the Jimenez gang. The Serbs work for Jason, who is in business with Tommy. The Jimenez rob the shipment and leave the scene. Last season, Tommy promised Jason that he would stop working with Ghost, and that he would secure a west coast port for their product. He did none those things. To be fair, Dre backstabbing him and causing a power vacuum within the Toros Locos gang did hurt Tommy’s plans. The news the dead Serbs gets back to Jason, course, and he ends up confronting Tommy while he’s with Ghost and their frenemy Kanan. Livid about the loss life, and loss product, Jason tasks Tommy, Ghost, and Kanan with paying him back and getting revenge. Although Ghost is less than happy about becoming a hitman for Jason, Kanan sees it as an opportunity to remove Dre’s protection. Remember, Dre is now in business with the Jimenez, and executing their leaders would make him vulnerable.

Tommy lands himself in another predicament after he finds out the two hitters he hired to kill Dre got killed themselves. Ghost, Tommy, and Kanan discern that someone warned Dre, but none them know who (it was Tariq). The deaths the hitters become an enormous issue for Tommy, who hired them without permission from his other boss Vincent (damn, Tommy sure does have a lot bosses). Egan visits his father in prison, who tells him in a code to admit his mistakes to Vincent, and take his punishment like a man. If there’s anything I can say about Tommy, it’s that he faces his problems head-on. Egan apologizes to the Italian boss, but is punished with a 50% cut. He also lies about killing the man responsible for the death the hitters (Dre), and has Sammy lie to cover for him. That’s going to come back to haunt him. Meanwhile, Kanan plans on backstabbing Tommy and stealing his business with Jason. Are you surprised?

On the other side the power struggle, Diego Jimenez and Dre have several awkward meetings that lead to the latter being ordered to fix the Toros Locos leader issue and recoup lost funds. Dre decides to put a hit on Lorenzo the Toros Locos, making sure that Arturo has no competition to take the lead position in the gang. He elects to hire hitters, and have them killed after they do the job. Instead, his henchmen 2-Bit and Spanky take it upon themselves to complete the hit, backing Dre into a corner in fear he may be implicated. He flips the script by getting Arturo to take credit for the killing, but makes a quick enemy 2-Bit by taking him f the shipment.

While Ghost, Tommy, and Kanan are preoccupied with street business, Tasha mourns the loss her daughter Raina. She desperately needs to vent, and yearns for a place to release her grief and anger. She asks Ghost to attend a church grief group with her. Tasha’s emotional trauma has left her more vulnerable than we’ve ever seen her, and she almost speaks up at the grief group before Ghost stops her. The most tragic segment the entire episode though comes from one couple at the grief group who is dealing with the loss their child. The husband angrily reveals that a drunk driver killed his child a week before his birthday. The mourning father admits that he follows the murderer, named Jeff, to a liquor store occasionally and observes him picking up a bottle. Distraught and enraged, he explains that it’s only a matter time before Jeff accidentally kills another child again. The father asks if it’s wrong to want Jeff to die. Ghost connects with him at that moment.

The feds can’t keep their eyes f Ghost, but their leads are drawing thin. The young woman who attempted to snitch on Ghost based only on his voice is still being kept away from Angela, but Mak thinks the witness is a waste time. He’s more concerned with ending Proctor’s career. Mak approaches Proctor and attempts to get him to snitch on one his clients. It’s obvious which client he wants information on, but he refuses to show his hand until Proctor agrees, which he doesn’t. Mak reverts to plan B, and subpoenas Tasha’s short time lover and Ghost’s ex-lawyer Terry to testify against Proctor during his law license hearing. The testimony ends up making Proctor look like an unethical lawyer, and the panel informs Proctor that he will be receiving a decision “soon” in regards to his license.

In the meantime, Angela begins to make progress on finding the murderer Toros Locos leader Uriel (who was killed by Ghost). She suspects that the Jimenez are tied up in the murder somehow, which puts her on the trail the siblings. The feds still believe the siblings are brothers, and Angela mistakenly identifies Diego’s sister as his woman. At least she’s on the right trail. Angela does her job one moment, and commits a crime the next. She meets with Tasha in their continued attempts to make sure Tariq doesn’t get accused  murdering Ray Ray. Although Tasha and Angela believe that Brains and his associate are dead, Tariq still has one more loose end. Ray Ray’s cousin Destiny, who took Tariq’s virginity, is still lurking around somewhere, but Tariq is keeping his lips sealed. Bad decision kid, especially after telling your mother you would make better ones.

As if Ghost and Tasha aren’t dealing with enough, Councilman Tate tricks them into speaking at a press conference. The politician is using Raina’s death and Ghost’s pain as a selling point in his upcoming campaign for Governor. Tasha breaks down and delivers a riveting speech, one that will not soon be forgotten. To end things f, Ghost tracks down Jeff (the drunk driver who killed the mourning father’s son at the church) and stabs him to death. Since he couldn’t kill Raina’s killer, maybe this will cleanse his murderous feelings vengeance. Most likely not.