Pornhub Gifted Kumail Nanjiani With A Free 10-Year Subscription For Getting Jacked

Pornhub Gifted Kumail Nanjiani With A Free 10-Year Subscription For Getting Jacked


In preparation for his role as Kingo in the upcoming Marvel installment of The EternalsKumail Nanjiani underwent a complete physical transformation that has the entire world swooning over his defined physique. With the masses being so taken aback from his transformation, Pornhub decided to use Nanjiani’s photo for their ‘Muscular Men’ category for their website. During a recent stop at Conan O’Brien’s late-night show, Conan, on TBS, the Stuber actor detailed how life has changed for him since becoming jacked. 

When initially asked about how he felt in his new muscle-bound body, Kumail Nanjiani jokingly denied the impact his new physique has had on his life stating:

“These muscles are decorative, they don’t do anything. They really don’t. Emily will be like, ‘Can you open this jar for me?’ and I’m like, ‘Probably, not.'”

When asked about how his fans’ reception of his new body, Nanjiani continued:

“People expect me to be different and I’m not. I am slightly less interesting ’cause I do talk about working out a lot and I’m slightly less funny. Other than that, same guy.”

As the interview moved forward, the Pakistani-American stand-up comedian turned Marvel Universe participant revealed that he and Pornhub have conjured an unexpected relationship, stating that the adult entertainment company compensated him for using his photo with a premium subscription to their website for an entire decade. Nanjiani revealed:

“They gave me a 10-year free subscription to Pornhub Premium. I will say because people are like, ‘Why do you need to pay for porn?’ — and I don’t, I do not work for Pornhub, they have not paid me to say this — you have access to a whole new world. Free porn is good but when you go to Premium… I could develop fetishes, crazy ones over the next 10 years and I know I’ll be taken care of.”

Out of curiosity, O’Brien asked the Dolittle (2020) actor what kind of fetish porn is provided on the premium side of the highly-popular website to which Nanjiani responded:

“If I have to explain it to you, you wouldn’t understand.”

With plot details recently hitting the internet, Marvel’s, The Eternals, is rumored to be unlike anything else Marvel has released to date and is expected to hit theaters come Nov. 6. 

Check out Kumail Nanjiani’s full Conan interview in the video provided below. Fast-forward to the one-minute mark for Nanjiani’s Pornhub subscription explanation.