Pop Smoke Supposed To See Amber Rose On Day Of Murder

Pop Smoke Supposed To See Amber Rose On Day Of Murder


Amber Rose revealed in her tribute post to the late Pop Smoke that before the rapper was tragically killed on Wednesday morning, he had plans to visit her later that day. When news broke that the 21-year-old rapper was fatally shot during a home invasion robbery in Beverley Hills, the world was shocked at the loss of such a young and budding talent. Pop Smoke had just released his second mixtape, Meet The Woo 2a few weeks prior to his death, and his music career was just getting started. Plenty of fellow artists and celebrities took to social media to mourn his loss, including Amber Rose, who paid tribute to her fallen friend on Instagram.

In her post, Amber revealed that Pop was supposed to come over to her house that same day, but unfortunately, he never made it. “I paid homage to you just the other day Bro,” Amber wrote, referring to her recreation of the album art for Meet The Woo 2 which she included alongside his original cover in the post. “Everyone in our house is crying for you right now.”

Pop Smoke Supposed To See Amber Rose On Day Of MurderPascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

“He was so funny, talented and humble af!” she continued. “He didn’t deserve this. He was only 20 years old, WE LOVE YOU POP.” It was revealed on Wednesday that Pop Smoke had been shot and killed by at least four men dressed in hoodies and masks who broke into the home he was renting from Real Housewives Of Beverley Hills star, Teddi Mellencamp. Law enforcement officials have yet to identify any suspects. RIP Pop Smoke.