Patrick Mahomes’ Agent Offers Update On Chiefs Extension

Patrick Mahomes’ Agent Offers Update On Chiefs Extension


Patrick Mahomes helped lead the Kansas City Chiefs to a Super Bowl victory this past season. The quarterback has quickly proven himself to be one of the greatest talents the league has ever seen. With this in mind, there is no denying that he is in for a big payday with the Chiefs at the end of his contract. His extension could break multiple NFL records and based on early reports, it seems like the Chiefs are ready to sign off on whatever Mahomes wants.

Of course, there are factors to consider when paying a player. You have to think about the salary cap and whether or not you will have space for other big-time players. While speaking with NFL reporter Matt Verderame, Mahomes’ agent Leigh Steinberg admitted that they want Mahomes to be paid handsomely but he will also be looking out for the team’s best interests.

“Quarterback greatness is judged by Super Bowls,” Steinberg said. Essentially, Steinberg is saying that quarterbacks need a lot of weapons in order to win Super Bowls which means the Chiefs need to maintain cap sufficient cap space. Clearly, Mahomes will be factoring his team’s needs into his decision.

This philosophy is in stark contrast to some players who chase the highest salary possible without thinking about the franchise’s future. It seems like Mahomes has plans to win multiple Super Bowls and turn this Chiefs team into a real dynasty.