Only 21 Percent of Grammy Voters Identify as Women

Only 21 Percent of Grammy Voters Identify as Women


Only 21 Percent  Grammy Voters Identify as Women

For a musical award show, the Grammys were surprisingly tone deaf. Ignorant comments from Recording Academy president Neil Portnow resulted in the formation a task force to counter bias against women. Today, we get the first revelation from their research only 21 percent the Grammys voting body identify as women.

According toVariety, the Recording Academy sent a report to its membership. In addition to the shockingly low number voters, the letter also revealed thatonly 11 percent its Producers & Engineers Wing are women.

Astudy suggests that only 12 percent the total population music creators identify as women, so the Grammys conceded that this bafflingly low statistic “reflects that the music community.” Still, they added that they need to do better.

“It’s not enough to reflect the community,” the letter added. “We must be leaders in moving our industry toward greater inclusion and representation. Women are 50% our world. We need their voice and presence at every level.”

After 17 percent the Grammys were awarded to women this year, Music Academy president Neil Portnow said that women needed to “step up” if they wanted more recognition. Following an enormous outcry, he’s since apologized for the statements. As this data proves, it is indeed the Grammys that need to step up to promote inclusivity.