Offset Shared Emotional Reunion With Father After 23 Years Apart

Offset Shared Emotional Reunion With Father After 23 Years Apart


Father of 4 rapper Offset has expressed that “Family is everything and that’s what it’s about,” so it isn’t surprising that he has reached out in an attempt to reconcile with his father. The 27-year-old husband and father shared a tender moment on Instagram earlier today as he reunited with his pops who he hasn’t had contact with for most of his life.

The two men couldn’t stop hugging each other as Offset’s father cried. “DREAMS DO COME TRUE,” Offset wrote in a caption of the clip. “HAVENT SEEN MY FATHER IN 23 YEARS !!!!!! AND I STILL LOVE HIM. THE PAST IS THE PAST AND THE PRESENT IS ALL WE HAVE TO RELY ON WE NOT PERFECT IN ANY SHAPE OR FORM I LOVE YOU POPS !!! NO MATTER WHAT!!!!”

When Father of 4 was released earlier this year, Offset sat down with Billboardto discuss the importance of family and how he made it his mission to reunite with Cardi B after she left him following rumors of infidelity. “I’d jump out the window trying to get her back, with a parachute on my back,” he said. “You gotta fight for what you believe in and what you love. It ain’t no joke and it ain’t social media fun. You might have looked at me as being selfish on stage, but I’m just trying to get what’s mine. I’m ready to look stupid, I’m ready to take this shot in the back.”

Offset also talked about his own estranged relationship with his daughter and speaking on the situation on Father of 4. “The lyrics about my beautiful daughter Kalea, and not really having a relationship with her or knowing her mom well. My first daughter. The situation was a tight situation for me but I had to step up, like I said in the song. How it happened was a little rockstar-ish, but I still faced it. I wasn’t there for some time, but I faced it, and I’m there now.”