Noah Cunane Tries to Numb the Pain in ‘Medicine’ Exclusive

Noah Cunane Tries to Numb the Pain in ‘Medicine’ Exclusive


Noah Cunane has debuted the video for his new single “Medicine,” premiering exclusively on Streets Talkin Monday (Feb. 25).

In the confessional clip, the singer self-destructs in the wake of a breakup, stumbling through the streets with an open bottle in hand and making increasingly desperate calls to his ex-fling. “Where will I go if you don’t stay?/ Got me f–ked up when you’re away/ I didn’t drunk enough to numb the pain/ Numb the pain/ Why you gotta go throw it all away/ Can we just talk, find another way?/ You’re my medicine, help me numb the pain/ Numb the pain,” Cunane croons on the chanting chorus.

“Medicine” is about "the feeling of losing yourself and not knowing who you are anymore, and not where you’re gonna go after you get out of a relationship or friendship that meant the world to you,” the 20-year-old tells Streets Talkin. “You cope with it by numbing the pain and not wanting to face the harsh truth of hurting and being alone.”

Originally released in late 2019, the vulnerable track is the South Jersey native's debut single since being signed to 300 Entertainment, following a string of self-released songs like “Everybody Changes,” “Rich Girls,” “I Miss You” and “Lips.”

Check out the exclusive premiere of the “Medicine” video below.