Nikki Yanofsky Becomes Every Viral Meme in ‘Forget’ Exclusive

Nikki Yanofsky Becomes Every Viral Meme in ‘Forget’ Exclusive


Jazz-turned-pop artist Nikki Yanofsky has unveiled the charming video for her new single "Forget," premiering exclusively with Streets Talkin on Thursday (Jan. 30).

In the clip, the singer-songwriter recreates a series of viral memes to reflect her song's motivational lyrics. "Let me tell you 'bout the people who doubt, the people who doubted me/ Wanna thank you guys for knocking me down, I'm happy we disagreed/ Every 'no' I heard for only made me want it more/ I'm the one who gotta a way for you now, 'cause now you remember me," she croons over simple piano, before morphing into iconic memes like Confused Math Lady and Distracted Boyfriend.

"'Forget' is a song about the difference between the way we're seen and the way we see ourselves. It's about the importance of prevailing until the latter becomes your reality," Yanofsky tells Streets Talkin. "My voice has always felt like an instrument for someone else to play…that had me feeling like a caricature of myself.

"No matter how hard I tried to be seen, I couldn't get through. I used memes [in the video] as a parallel; images of people we simply can't unsee, impressions of people we can't ignore."

The self-confident anthem will serve as the lead single for Yanofsky's fourth studio album, Black Sheep, which is set to be released May 8 eOne Music. The forthcoming LP is the Canadian jazz-pop singer's first new music since her 2019 one-off single "Blowin' Smoke."

Check out the exclusive premiere of Yanofsky's "Forget" video below.