Nicki Minaj Shrieks Like A Schoolgirl Upon Receiving A New Chanel Purse

Nicki Minaj Shrieks Like A Schoolgirl Upon Receiving A New Chanel Purse


It seems that for Nicki, no matter how much success she’s achieved as a rapper or how much money she’s made, gifts are still something worth getting excited about.

She’s proved that entirely in a new video she posted on her Instagram today. The video shows Nicki sitting on the floor, with a massive Chanel shopping bag in front her. Upon opening the first box and realizing whats inside, Nicki looks at the camera with a face full excitement as she tears into the wrapping. The whole time she’s making delirious giggling noises, right up until she peeks her face into the bag, and screams loudly.

Once she takes the purse out the bag, she keeps shrieking as she tears the rest the wrapping f it. She then does a whole bunch whiny crying noises before hugging the purse and meekly saying thank you to the camera. She then tears into the second Chanel box and the whole process begins anew.

While Nicki is clearly excited about the purse, she gives suspiciously little context as to who actually gave it to her, and why. There’s absolutely no mention who she’s actually saying thank you to. The only thing written in the Instagram post is “Thank you ?? you know the way to a Barbie’s ♥??? ? ?.” Perhaps it was Eminem it who sent it to her.

When everything’s said and done, Nicki is human, just like us. In her shoes, there’s no doubt that we’d react the exact same way.