Nicki Minaj Put On Blast By Forbes Writer Saying She "Reeks Of Desperation"

Nicki Minaj Put On Blast By Forbes Writer Saying She "Reeks Of Desperation"


The war words between Nicki Minaj and a plethora journalists sees no end. The slew foot becomes you, and I’m at risk myself drawing the ire any one I criticize for lack better (words or judgement). But needless to say, writers look after their own, musicians do the same, but does the gambit really pay f. In my estimation, both sides the equation feed f one and other. The symbiosis is now more important than ever, because in 2018, bloggers and journalism have become the virtual deejays for a generation musicians.

The Forbes writer, Bryan Rolli never-the-less criticized Nicki Minaj knowing his relationship with her and other artists hung in the balance. He posited that “FEFE” was Nicki Minaj’s last ditch to stay relevant, that her album rollout for Queen reeks ” desperation and hypocrisy,” and that above all else, that all her blunders with the press distract from what should be her main focus: her music.

Here’s an excerpt from his Forbes piece:

“Three months later and Minaj is still chasing the success “Chun-Li.” Her proper follow-up single, the Ariana Grande-assisted “Bed,” stalled at No. 43 on the Hot 100 despite a sultry vocal hook and tropical dance beat that seemed destined to dominate airwaves. Minaj reciprocated the favor by sleepwalking through Grande’s “The Light Is Coming,” a curious electro-pop number that only reached No. 95 on the Hot 100. But neither these unremarkable tracks could prepare listeners for Minaj’s latest move: “FEFE,” her abominable collaboration with 22-year-old Brooklyn rapper 6ix9ine.”

The rest his polemic can be viewed here. How do you view Nicki Minaj’s album rollout compare with those in the past?