Nicki Minaj & Kenneth Petty Defended By Soca Star Over Carnival Encounter

Nicki Minaj & Kenneth Petty Defended By Soca Star Over Carnival Encounter


Famed Trinidadian soca star Iwer George was just trying to get Nicki Minaj to participate in some Carnival fun when the rapper’s husband, Kenneth Petty, lightly pushed George’s arm away. After the video went viral, it didn’t take long for fans to jump on Nicki about Kenneth’s behavior, and the Queen rapper later apologized to her fans. She let them know that this was an unfamiliar environment for her husband and apologized for his behavior.

“Oh gawd. Allyuh like sh*t eh? I go cuz all yuh real fkn stink yuh know? He don’t understand anything about our culture. I apologize on his behalf,” Nicki replied as a comment to a critic. “He’s always in security mode. All love. Love my country to death. Love my ppl to death. Period.”

George also came forward to say that he completely understands why Kenneth wanted to make sure his wife was safe. In a lengthy post on Instagram, George wrote that he borrowed a shirt that made it look as if he was a worker at the event. “Nicki’s husband is not familiar with Trini culture so he did what any husband would do and that is go into protection mode,” George wrote.

“We all know in Trini a man must protect his wife , so I didnt stress about his actions,” he continued. “I just continued to sing my song. Nicki is our queen and that’s her husband we love and respect them. Allyuh Pat down and let them enjoy the rest of their stay in Trinidad.” Check out his post in full below.