Nick Cannon Digs Up Homophobic Tweets By Female Comedians

Nick Cannon Digs Up Homophobic Tweets By Female Comedians


Kevin Hart scored an enormous win when he was fered a internet hosting gig by the Oscars. This achievement was undercut by the resurfacing homophobic tweets for which he issued a non-apology and ultimately stepped down from his function on the upcoming award ceremony. In mild this chain occasions, Nick Cannon felt compelled to remind individuals some their comedy sweethearts’ dalliances with equally fensive content material.

He shared previous tweets from Chelsea Handler, Sarah Silverman and Amy Schumer, all which have skilled main success of their respective careers as comedians and actors. Cannon appeared to query how these figures have continued to maintain optimistic trajectories within the pressional realm by regardless of their use homophobic slurs within the tweets he reposted.

Cannon is obvious about his stance. He is not making an attempt to disgrace these feminine comedians for these phrases as a lot as he’s highlighting the hypocrisy  each the leisure business and the general public. He doesn’t condone the rise political correctness. The comic wouldn’t thoughts individuals unearthing some his previous tweets both.

“Nope!! You know I’ve been saying fucked up shit since twitter began! I don’t play that politically appropriate bullshit! Fuck politics!! Only Truth!”