NBA YoungBoy Has Tommie Lee In Her Feelings

NBA YoungBoy Has Tommie Lee In Her Feelings


It’s been increasingly difficult to keep up with Youngboy Never Broke Again‘s romantic suitors as there are just too many to keep track of. Perhaps we can now add Tommie Lee, star of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, to the list.

Youngboy Never Broke Again’s followers received a notification last night that the Baton Rouge rapper was going live and, anticipating some song snippets, people were quick to tune in. After all, YB is one of the most popular artists on the entire planet, dominating YouTube statistics on a weekly basis and being hailed by Birdman as somebody that could potentially end up being one of the all-time greats. Reality star Tommie Lee was among his viewers last night but she decided that she needed to take a break from her not-so-secret fandom, joking that she would get pregnant if she stayed put any longer.

Commenting on the live-stream, Tommie wrote, “Let me log off dis for I get pregnant.” While that’s not effectively how babies are made, Youngboy Never Broke Again seems to have a special power over the ladies. At just twenty-years-old, the rapper already has a handful of baby mothers.

Fans aren’t sure how to react to Tommie Lee’s public admiration of NBA Youngboy, especially considering their age difference and their respective criminal histories. Lee is fifteen years the artist’s senior and both have very controversial backgrounds. Would they be a good match though? For what it’s worth, Lee says that she was hacked but… some people aren’t buying that.

NBA YoungBoy Has Tommie Lee In Her Feelings
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