Moby Rich Go On a Wild Ride in ‘Sabotage’ Exclusive

Moby Rich Go On a Wild Ride in ‘Sabotage’ Exclusive


Moby Rich have debuted the video for their addictive single "Sabotage," premiering exclusively on Streets Talkin today (May 16).

The duo — comprised of Maxwell Joseph and Connor Pledger — met by chance at an open mic night in Los Angeles a few years back, quickly forming a dynamic friendship and songwriting partnership that blossomed into the group. 

“Sabotage” is the first song to be released off the pair’s second EP, slated to drop in June. The alt-pop anthem is described as an “ode to fucking up royally,” a theme that Joseph and Pledger admit to resonating with all too well.

“We wrote ‘Sabotage’ because it's fucking true. We constantly mess things up for ourselves — fear turned fate, even. Life is already difficult just trying to cope, then we allow ourselves the room to fuck it up even more," Pledger tells Streets Talkin.

“Self-sabotaging is a universal thing that everybody goes through in their own way," Joseph adds. "We feel like it’s been such a defining thing in our own lives that writing about it came so naturally.”

In the song’s music video, the pair are seated in a car clouded by fog, with Pledger behind the wheel and Joseph in the passenger seat. The two embark on what appears to be the ride of a lifetime, jolting back and forth as flying debris — in the form of traffic cones, flowers, $100 bills and at one point, a live person — crash into their windshield.

“Making the 'Sabotage' video was nuts," the duo tells Streets Talkin. "Our friend Scottie Cameron who directed the video was able to somehow get us up into a car hanging 15 feet off the ground and then proceed to throw all sorts of objects including a human at us. What else needs to be said?”

Get a first look at the “Sabotage” video below.