Michelle Obama & Netflix Share Trailer For Inspiring "Becoming" Documentary

Michelle Obama & Netflix Share Trailer For Inspiring "Becoming" Documentary


It didn’t take long for Becoming, a memoir by Michelle Obama, to become a best-seller. The 2018 inspiring autobiography was an instant success, and later, the former First Lady embarked on a 34-city tour to promote her latest venture. She gave speeches, held conferences, chatted with fans, and motivated others not to be hindered by obstacles that come their way. During the lengthy run, there was a film crew by her side, and now, Netflix has announced Becoming, the documentary.

Michelle Obama & Netflix Share Trailer For Inspiring "Becoming" Documentary
Pier Marco Tacca / Stringer / Getty Images

The film version of Becoming will show just what happened behind the scenes of Michelle’s tour. Academy Award-nominated, Bronx native Nadia Hallgren is the director behind the documentary and has worked on projects like Fahrenheit 9/11, When We Rise: Michelle Obama’s Mission to Educate Girls Around the World, The Hunting GroundTrouble the Water, and Motherland.

“Those months I spent traveling — meeting and connecting with people in cities across the globe — drove home the idea that what we share in common is deep and real and can’t be messed with. In groups large and small, young and old, unique and united, we came together and shared stories, filling those spaces with our joys, worries, and dreams. We processed the past and imagined a better future. In talking about the idea of ‘becoming,’ many of us dared to say our hopes out loud,” said Michelle Obama, according to Deadline.

“Even in hard times, maybe especially in hard times, our stories help cement our values and strengthen our connections. Sharing them shows us the way forward. I love and miss you all.” Becoming is set to premiere on Netflix on May 6. Check out the trailer for Becoming below.