Meek Mill Trolls Judge Genece Brinkley’s Musical Ambitions

Meek Mill Trolls Judge Genece Brinkley’s Musical Ambitions


It’s no secret that Meek Mill has little love for Judge Genece Brinkley. Especially after his revelation that Brinkley blurred inappropriate lines, allegedly encouraging him to cover a “Boyz II Men” song for her benefit. While Meek’s freedom was once at stake, the Dream Chaser eventually saw the tides turning in his favor; in July of 2019, Meek was officially removed from probation and Brinkley was taken off his case. And while time may not heal all wounds per se, it might very embolden one to make jokes one would have otherwise abstained from making. 

Meek Mill Trolls Judge Genece Brinkley's Musical Ambitions

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Following last night’s Grammy Awards Ceremony, Meek Mill made sure to fire off a few jokes at Brinkley’s expense. “Boys to men should of gave my judge a shoutout on stage,” he wrote, alongside a shrug emoji for added emphasis. Clearly, he hasn’t forgotten about Brinkley’s musical ambitions. Now that his fate is no longer in her hands, all bets are off. 

Given everything that Meek has been through at Brinkley’s hands, it seems little more than a love tap. Still, it’s unlikely that Meek’s comment will sit well with the Judge, who didn’t exactly see eye to eye with the Grammy Nominated rapper. Check it out for yourself below, and show some love in the comments — should Meek have taken home the Best Rap Album award?