Meek Mill Hints At "Power Moves" With Jay-Z & Eminem

Meek Mill Hints At "Power Moves" With Jay-Z & Eminem


Since his release from prison, Meek Mill has assuredly taken on the various aspects of a well-rounded activist, being sure to build up entrepreneurship and activism on his resume of activities.

Most recently, Meek alluded to even for Ws when he took to Twitter to reveal that he was busy working a new endeavor with none other than Jay-z and Eminem.

“I’m making power moves wit jay & em #levels,” he tweeted out. 

It wouldn’t be the first time “power moves” were share between Meek and Jay with the former being singed to the latter’s Roc Nation roster since 2012. In addition, Hov had his hand in helping Meek mill return home from prison and since then, the two have launched a new organization that will tackle criminal justice reform. 

We want to be very clear, if someone commits a crime they should go to jail,” Jay-Z said in a New York Times opinion piece on the topic. “But these things are just disproportionate and the whole world knows it.”

As for Eminem, any collaboration in music or otherwise would be a change of pace, at least to the general public as far as Meek Mill is concerned. While he offers up no further details, Meek certainly leaves fans wondering if this announcement entails music-making or another venture beyond the booth.