Meek Mill Continues To Tease His Mystery Girlfriend: "Gave Me More Than I Needed"

Meek Mill Continues To Tease His Mystery Girlfriend: "Gave Me More Than I Needed"


Meek Mill has been living his best life ever since he got out of prison last year. The #FreeMeekMill movement was so strong that it even made its way to Slovenia during the Winter Olympics. That’s when you know you’ve made it. From time to time, Meek appears to have been telling the world that he’s got a new girlfriend, finally finding love after his very public split with Nicki Minaj. He posed with a mystery woman during an off day at the beach but nothing seems to have come from that, until now maybe. In the last few days, Meek has been posting about a relationship he experienced, either in the past or present. He speaks highly of his partner, even teasing marriage at one point. Many are starting to believe that he has something he wants to get off his chest.

In one photo uploaded to his socials, Meek wrote, “When I get married this how we carrying it.” The picture shows him all dressed up next to a smoking Lamborghini with the doors up. Then, the Philly product shared the same scene from a little further back, adding even more emotion in his caption. “You gave me more than I wanted … you gave me more then I needed.”

The majority of fans sliding into the comments box are curious to find out who Meek is talking about. The captions are written as if the relationship may be over, so he could be talking about an ex. Is it even a romantic bond at all? Who knows at this point. Got something you wanna say, Meek?