Max Holloway Sums Up Why It’s Important To Practice Social Distancing

Max Holloway Sums Up Why It’s Important To Practice Social Distancing


It’s clear that the spread of coronavirus has caused people’s lives to become inconvenienced, but authorities say that it is necessary for the health and safety of citizens worldwide. Major cities have turned into ghost towns as “social-distancing” has become a forced habit. While it’s reported that most who contract COVID-19 will recover, there are those who are susceptible to more serious fates—including death. The world is taking precautions against this newly-labeled pandemic, and while some dismiss the seriousness of coronavirus or joke about the toilet paper-hoarding mania, MMA fighter Max Holloway shared a lengthy Instagram post to discuss why abiding by government rules during this time is important for everyone.

Max posted a photo of his son, Rush Holloway, with a big grin on his face as he washed his hands. The fighter penned that he’s not afraid of COVID-19, but preventing its transmission could save the lives of others. “I also learned it’s not about me. I can carry it,” he wrote. “I can have no symptoms like Donovan Mitchell. Then I can give it to my grandma and maybe she doesn’t beat it. Then what? All my UFC title belts ain’t gonna make me tough enough to deal with that responsibility.?”

The former UFC champion lives in Hawaii where he was born and raised, and he shared that hospital availability is limited. “If just a few hundred elderly need to be in ICU for treatment then what? What happens then when Sista Moki gets in a car accident and the ICU is already full?” he hypothetically asked. “I don’t know. Nobody does and we don’t want to find out.?”

Max advised people to “pretend you already have it” and to “distance yourself to protect others AND yourself.?” He added, “None of us need 48 rolls of toilet paper”  so it’s important to lend a hand to those in need and share resources. “This isn’t practice. This is a fight,” Max concluded. “You guys know me. I love to take fights into deep waters. This isn’t one we want to take into deep waters. The quicker we can slow the spread the quicker we get back to normal ??.” Read the full message about COVID-19 prevention by Max Holloway below. Take care of yourselves out there.