Maurkice Pouncey Reacts To NFL’s CBA In Epic Rant: "F*ck That"

Maurkice Pouncey Reacts To NFL’s CBA In Epic Rant: "F*ck That"


Pittsburgh Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey has some strong feelings about the NFL’s proposed Collective Bargaining Agreement. For starters, Pouncey thinks the new CBA is “fucking bullshit.”

During an epic rant, which was apparently filmed while Pouncey was driving around, the Pro Bowler called out the NFLPA leaders for putting forth a “bullshit-ass deal.” Needless to say, he and his brother Mike, a center for the Chargers, will be voting “no” on the proposed CBA.

Maurkice Pouncey Reacts To NFL's CBA In Epic Rant: "F*ck That"

Karl Walter/Getty Images

Pouncey isn’t the only NFL star who has spoken out against the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, but he did it in a much more explosive fashion than guys like Russell Wilson and JJ Watt. Pouncey’s expletive laced rant includes the following quotes:

“Man, this shit so fucking crazy, man! I vote no. Fuck that shit. Our NFLPA — the dudes at the top, the leaders — man, that shit all fucking bullshit. Fuck that. They ain’t looking out for the best of the players!”

“If ya’ll want my vote, the Pouncey twins vote no,” Pouncey added. “If any player on any one of our teams, if y’all hurting for rent money or anything while we go through this lockout, call us,” Pouncey said. “Man, we got way more money than what they had back in the days. All the vets on each team, stand the fuck up. Stand up! Show these guys that we care about them!”

“They trying to sign a bullshit-ass deal just so these motherfuckers and the sitting president can go around and smile and say, ‘I got something done,'” Pouncey said. “You ain’t get shit done!”

Check out the rant in the video embedded below.

On Wednesday, representatives of the NFLPA announced that the proposed CBA will now be submitted to the players for a vote. As part of the new deal, the league would add a 17th regular season game and shorten the season. Teams would also be given additional roster spots, while former players would receive increased revenue and improved pensions.