Matt Barnes Alleges Derek Fisher "Already Caught These Hands"

Matt Barnes Alleges Derek Fisher "Already Caught These Hands"


Retired NBA star Matt Barnes has been divorced from Gloria Govan for three years, but their ongoing legal battles have kept the former couple in the limelight. They first aired their dirty laundry out for the world to see on Basketball Wives L.A., but now that Barnes has a new lady friend and Govan is engaged to Los Angeles Sparks coach Derek Fisher, one would think that moving on could possibly cause these two to play nice.

Recently Barnes and Govan had a run-in involving their children, causing Govan to lose much of her custody rights that she’s petitioning the court to have returned to her. Those that like to troll Barnes online have used his former relationship with Govan as bait, just as one person did yesterday. 

Barnes issued a tweet about the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Clippers game saying, “Hopefully y’all will stop w this PatBev locking up or shutting down KD. Only person that can stop KD is Westbrook.” The man replied, “This exactly why Derek Fisher be f*cking ya baby momma you slow corny motherf*cker f*ck you for ruining all those Lob City squads with your sh*tty defense.”

It’s safe to say that the Twitter Troll wasn’t a Matt Barnes fan. The former NBA player fired back, “After you done being mad go wash that green off your neck from that fake ass chain B*tch!” This tit-for-tat wasn’t over as the troll said, “Derek Fisher crashed your car getting head from your wife and you not in the NBA no more so now you arguing with my broke ass. Dweeb ass n*gga.”

Barnes had time for one last retort, making it known that he and Fisher may have had more than just a few words. “I retired dickhead.. 15yrs & still being paid until November 2020! You gotta do better than DFish jokes. He already caught these hands. You can be nxt ??‍??.”