Master P Reflects On Nipsey Hussle: "Our Relationship Was Strong"

Master P Reflects On Nipsey Hussle: "Our Relationship Was Strong"


It’s clear that Nipsey Hussle lived a life that touched many both in life and after death. Among those who were close enough to the late emcee was Master P, who most recently stopped by Big Boy’s Neighborhood with Nayborhood Nip among the topics of discussion. 

The mogul took time to reflect on his friend, one of his first times publicly doing so, and noted the friendship and mentorship that the two shared.

“Me and Nipsey we jammed, man,” Master P began near the 14-minute marker. “I taught him a lot. I looked over a lot of the contracts he had. That’s just how he was. He was like, ‘Big Dog, I need you to see this.’ I’m right there. Our relationship was strong.”

The parallels between Master P’s career and Nipsey’s own legacy are pretty prevalent with Master P pioneering the emphasis of music ownership in hip-hop, building out No Limit records to be one of the most successful indie hip-hop labels of all time. Equally, he’s found himself to be quite the businessman, a seed that began with his first No Limit Record store in California prior to forming his label.

On “Rap N-ggas” JNpsey declared his team to be the “No Limit Of The West” and even spoke out about Master P’s influence on his life.

“You didn’t have to see the back and see the logo—you could see the artwork and know it’s a No Limit release.  They branded an image,” he once told Billboard. “Master P was an innovator in so many different ways. Puff gets his credit. Dame and Jay get their credit. Ruff Ryders, Irv Gotti and Chris Gotti, they get their credit. P don’t get his credit, man.”